Tuscany Stone Co. is the gateway to timeless sophisticated style.

Housing a designer range of Marble, Granite, Limestone, Sandstone, Travertine and Engineered Quartz, Tuscany Stone Co. can provide you with an exquisite piece of stoneware that will emulate your personal style for a lifetime.

We understand that including the strength and beauty of stone in your home or business is a long term commitment to luxurious aesthetics, and so we are happy to share our expert knowledge in this area to ensure your selection is appropriate and long lasting.

From kitchen bench tops to strengthen the heart of your home, to glamorous accents in bathroom vanities, a touch of stoneware from Tuscany Stone Co. can be incorporated into your life in a variety of ways. Our stone product experts are more than happy to guide your exploration through our range of kitchen bench tops, bathroom vanities, stairs, fireplaces and bespoke furniture pieces.

To discover how pieces from Tuscany Stone Co. have transformed the homes and businesses of our past customers, please explore our photo gallery.

Tuscany Stone Co.